3rd attempt.

Look, I don't use this blog all that often because of how the times have changed. My focus is currently video. Print is dying, and blogs are dying along with that. I seem to remember this blog about once a year, around this time. Each time I update it, I say I'm going to focus more on it. And it never happens. I am tired of making empty promises. I need motivation to make this blog into something it once was. I had an audience at one point, and I abandoned them. It wasn't my intention to do so, it just sort of happened.


While I see blogs as a dying medium, I feel that maybe, just maybe, they are still needed. I am a strong believer that video dominates. I prefer to watch rather than read, as most people do.


I'm not saying that I am going to attempt to commit to this website, but I am open to hearing feedback from you. Should I take this more seriously? Let me know.

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